One of the first places we checked out in Berlin was the infamous Dandy Diner!

Just a few months ago this burger joint was shut down during its grand opening because a crazy amount of eager attendees arrived ! Isn’t it amazing to think that a 100% vegan restaurant had to be intervene by the Polizei because too many people showed up?! Dandy Diner Berlin vegan burgers

We went “hog wild” on our first visit and pigged out on all of Dandy Diner’s vegan burgers!

The Asian was made of marinated tofu, crunchy nori, kimchi and a teriyaki sauce – price 5.5 euros.

The Italian consisted of a mushroom & red bean patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and an eggplant sauce – price 5.5 euros.

and my personal favorite was the simple cheeseburger which had a soy “meat” patty with american style vegan cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mustard – price 3.5 euros.

Of course we ordered french fries which were loaded with“school lunch” seasoning. I want to clarify that is not an insult. I love that comfort food!

Vegan Cheesebuger at Dandy Diner in Berlin

If you’re a wuss…

and don’t want to go there for burgers then they do offer a fresh salad bowl, cole slaw and sandwiches like pulled mushroom, chorizo, and avocado. Surprisingly, their burgers are cheaper than their sandwiches which can cost up to 6.80 euros. Also, they have 2 desserts which are a chia pudding and Acai bowl. 

Dandy Diner Berlin Germany Pig

Basically, this spot is a must try when you’re in Berlin. The atmosphere is bleak in a super cool trendy way with nudie pictures on the wall, cacti on every table, and the cuttest dang pig face adorns every nook and cranny! Plus, Dandy Diner offers tasty food at an affordable (compared to other places in Berlin) price.

Connect with Dandy Diner and eat your vegan heart out!



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