For the first time EVER we went to a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant in Chiangmai called May Kaidee.

I tried not to set my expectations too high because when it comes to vegan food, taste varies!
We came to May Kaidee at an odd time because it was after lunch and they were preparing for another Thai cooking course. Starving and excited, I beg the guy to serve us. He was a bit moody and said fine but said “order now” and handed me the menu.
In these situations I let people’s “bad” energy slide. After all, he reluctantly served us probably because he was stressed and under staffed. The first dish we ordered was the Steamed Noodles with Curry and Stir Fried Vegetables. For 80 baht this dish is a steal and it was filled with tasty fresh veggies!Steamed Noodles with Curry and Stir Fried Vegetables


Yeah, we eat pancakes for lunch.

I mean who made up the pancakes is just a breakfast thing? I say these hot cakes should be eaten any time of the day! Especially if they are served with mangoes and coconut cream!Vegan Pancakes at May Kaidee Chiang Mai

Oh and they vegan sushi!

I have to admit we’re a bit of sushi snobs and we’re not sure if they met our standards! Perhaps, it was because they used fried rice for the filling and the rolls would fall apart once we dipped it in the soy sauce! 🙂
I know we’ll be going back and trying their Pai Thai, spring rolls covered in peanut sauce, and maybe I’ll give their sushi another try!Vegan Sushi at May Kaidee Chiang Mai

Location: Mai Kaidee Chiang Mai, Thailand

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