Welcome to the healthy destination in Koh Phangan!

Besides being a yoga and detox hub, Orion Healing Center provides the island their delicious plant-based food! We’ve been here several times and even featured Orion’s cafe on our “What We Ate Today” video!

I try to center myself around health and daily habits that benefit me mentally and physically!

Getting enough raw veggies and fruit in my diet is a BIG priority for me on a daily basis! Orion’s focus on detoxifying foods and raw meals has provided us with loads of delicious salads and tasty entrees! I mean, how could you resist this vitamin packed organic salad?!

Raw Veggie Salad with mango dressing Orion Healing and Detox Koh Phangan

Aw yeah, raw tacos! There is something about these tacos that reminds me of thanksgiving stuffing…

vegan stuffing of course! While eating them, I caught myself going mmm, mmmm. I even left one bite for when I finished our salad and entree! Am I the only one who does this crazy “saving the best taste for last?!”
Raw Tacos at Orion Healing and Detox Koh Phangan

Our cooked meal was the baked spicy eggplant with brown rice!

Even though the dish wasn’t spicy, the flavor was still spot on! Plus the addition of the peanuts gave the dish a satisfying crunch!Brown Rice Eggplant dish at Orion Healing and Detox Koh Phangan

Location: Orion Detox Retreat and Yoga Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand

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